Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beach Buggy

Copyright Bill Reed 2007

When I was 13 and my brother had just turned 16, he worked for a landscaper and saved enough money to buy his first car. It was a 1931 Ford Sport Coupe. A SportCoupe was a rag top but the top didn't go down like a convertable. I guess it was cheaper to manufacture a car without a top and just put a canvas lid on it. Or they just thought it looked sporty. I never did figure that one out, but it was a really neat car with a rumble seat. I guess the girls liked it alot too, because I didn't see him much once he started driving. I've had an affinity for old cars ever since he bought that thing.
This is a watercolor of a 1930 Ford pick up. It was more of a utility truck since the bed was too short to carry lumber or anything longer than about 6ft. That surfboard wouldn't fit either but I thought it would look cool.

9"x12" watercolor on 140lb. acid free paper matted to fit an 11"x14" frame. $125.00

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