Tuesday, September 18, 2007

' 36 Chevy

All images copyright Bill Reed 2007

When I started Disney in 1966 as an apprentice inbetweener my salary was $55.00 a week. It was pretty poor pay but I figured I was getting the best education in the animation industry and they were PAYING ME. Wow, I was getting paid for doing what I love, and I was in SHOW BIZ. My wife Debi and I had an apartment in Hermosa Beach and of course she had to work too. A friend of ours bought a 1936 Chevy and drove it up from San Diego. He kept it for a while and then sold it to me for $50. I bought it from him so Debi would have a car to drive to work in Santa Monica. This old clunker had been on blocks for many years and actually had the original tires. As we drove along, rubber from the tires would fly off and hit the fenders with a whap, whap, whap, clunk. This painting is my tribute to that good old Chevy. I later sold it for $60 because I didn't have the money to restore it, but hey I made $10.
I've sold the original painting, but I have limited edition high quality giclee prints for sale.
16"x 20"-$95
11"x14" $55
8"x10" $40
Check out my web site http://www.mysurfbaby.com/
It's "Talk Like A Pirate Day"

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danica said...

howdy daddyo!!
Looking good!! have you ever thought about painting a 59 Caddilac?? HAH!
love ya!