Friday, September 28, 2007

Beach Hut

Copyright Bill Reed 2007

When I was a kid my step father was in the Navy and was sent to Guam during the Korean war. The whole family went along and we spent three years on the island from 1952 until 1955. We loved it and I have some fond memories of my brother and I running around in the jungles and beaches. Since it was the early 50's, there was still plenty of evidence of W.W.II . Broken tanks and pill boxes with the big guns still in them dotted the beaches and cliffs. A great place for a couple of boys to play. My brother found a .45 service revolver on the beach. It didn't have the clip in it so my mom said we could keep it. We had lots of fun with that playing war.

What I remember most was how beautiful it was. There are thousands of islands that are found in the Pacific Ocean south of the equator. From The Easter Islands to New Zealand to Australia and the East Indies, Captain Cook must have been amazed at what he descovered during his voyages.
16"x20 acrylic on stretched canvas. $500.00 SOLD Prints also available.

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