Monday, October 11, 2010

Weird Science Comics

I love these old comics. The art is fantastic, drawn by some of the greatest comic book artists and illustrators of the time. My brother and I used to have boxes of comics we collected. Somehow they disappeared one of the times we moved. Hmmm... (MOM!)
Weird Science Comics were published in the early 1950's by William F. Gaines and edited by artist Al Feldstein. Wally Wood did the cover art and Al Feldstein drew the stories.
 The other Weird Science interior artists were Frank Frazetta, Al Williamson, Joe Orlando, George Evans, Harvey Kurtzman, George Roussos, Harrison, Will Elder, Jack Kamen, Sid Check and Jack Olesen. Writers in the early issues included Feldstein, Gaines, Kurtzman, Harrison and Gardner Fox. Gaines and Feldstein wrote nearly all stories from 1951 to 1953.

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