Monday, April 9, 2012


I rarely post stuff from other web sites but this article gave me some insight and thought it might help other artists struggling with color.
I remember years ago realizing that my colors were more muted or subdued than I wanted.  I consciously worked on brightening my color.  Sometime later, I had another realization: my colors were too bright for my liking.  And so I worked on graying them back down to realize sometime later that they were once again too subdued.

Many artists, myself included, will overcorrect when we realize improvement is needed in some aspect of our art.  It isn’t just with color.  It is with every aspect.

I had a discussion just today with one of my students about this phenomenon (which prompted this post).

If you suffer from overcorrection, don’t worry, it is part of the growth cycle and you will eventually find the middle ground.  As you move back and forth from the right to left of your ideal, you will find that your swings or overcorrections become less severe each time.  You are moving ever closer to the middle ground that you are seeking.

So take heart and be grateful that you realize the need to improve.  That means you are growing.  With growth comes some level of frustration.  But as you make progress, you will find joy in your growth.

If you are one of the few who gets it right without the overcorrecting cycle, consider yourself blessed…or blind.

Best Wishes,
Keith Bond
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