Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bill and a few friends

I got tired of looking at the crappy and expensive Christmas lawn decorations so decided to make some of my own design. Hopefully a little better than the store bought junk. First I drew out the characters to the size I wanted then transferred the drawings onto 3/8" fine ply wood, cut them out and painted. If the rabbits remind you of Thumper you have a good memory for Disney characters. Do you remember the Christmas Bunny?


Reedpunk said...

HAAAaaAA! You rule!!

Anonymous said...

Bill, My very first dog in my entire life was a mixed breed named Thumper. This was in reaction to the movie. Good work!
Regards, Rus aka DogMan

Anonymous said...

Do you sell these?

Bill said...

These are for my X-mas front yard decor. If you want something like this I will make whatever you want.
I would charge $40 per character plus $5 shipping. There is a lot of work involved in making these guys believe it or not. Thanks for asking. If interested email me at Bill