Friday, February 8, 2008

Red Hybiscus

On our trip to Maui last month I took several pictures I plan on using as reference for paintings. This is the first one I've had a chance to paint since we got back. I think it turned out quite nicely.

There is no single flower as widely associated with the Hawaiian Islands as the Hibiscus. This exotic blossom is not only the official State Flower of Hawaii (the Pua Aloalo, or Hibiscus brackenridgei), it is also recognized as a symbol of the tropics and of island culture, worldwide .Although Hawaii's state flower is a yellow hibiscus, the color red is most often representative of the flower, whether placed behind a hula dancer's ear, depicted on-screen or in print, or used as a design in Hawaiian Fabric, aloha shirts and mu'u mu'us (or dresses).

11"x14"oil on board

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