Friday, January 4, 2008

The Last Tomatoes.....or...... Arivederci Roma

About a week before Christmas, Debi and I picked the last of the green tomatoes before the first freeze. Here it is Jan. 4th and we still have about a dozen left. Pretty amazing to me, but I did some research and found out tomatoes have the same ripening hormone as apples. Also.......

The tomato is native to the Americas and was cultivated by the Incas. The Conquistadores brought seeds back to Spain and the Mediteranian countries soon adopted the tomato as if it were their own. The British, however, believed it caused stomach cancer and brain fever and told the citizens to avoid the fruit. The same fear persisted in the colonies until 1812 when the Creoles in New Orleans put tomatoes in their Cajun cooking.

The tomato is in the same family as the potato and petunia.

The tomato is the worlds most popular fruit.

Botanically, tomatoes are a fruit because a fruit is the edible part of a plant that contains the seeds. A vegetable is the edible stems, leaves and roots of a plant.

In 1893 the supreme court ruled in the case of "NIX v. HEDDEN" that the tomato is to be considered a vegetable. This was not the first idiotic ruling a supreme court would make.

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