Tuesday, October 9, 2007

King Charles Cavalier

King Charles Cavalier has its roots in the old breed of the King Charles Spaniel which was bred during King Charles I reign 1600-1649. After his death, his son King Charles II issued a decree that these dogs could not be forbidden entrance to any public place including the House of Parliament. He dubbed his parliament "The Cavalier Parliament".
The King Charles Spaniel was later bred with the short snouted Pug and Japanese Chin resulting in the English Toy Spaniel breed .
In the 1920’s an American offered a prize for any King Charles Spaniel “of the old fashioned type” with a longer nose, flat skull and spot on the crown of the head called “the “Kissing Spot” or “the kiss of Buddha”. The result was a dog that resembled the boyhood pet of the future King Charles II of England (“Cavalier King Charles”) where the breed derives its name.
oil on canvas panel 12"x16"--- sold Pet Portraits this size $250

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